5 Health Benefits Of Swimming Regularly 

Swimming is a great way to get fit and is also easy on your body. Below are 5 health benefits of swimming regularly:

Improves Heart Health

Swimming is an aerobic exercise; therefore it helps strengthen the heart, helping it to become larger and making it to become more efficient in pumpb7cc04d50b36324569651ad322cc994ding. This helps improve blood flow throughout your body. In addition, research shows that aerobic exercise helps combat the inflammatory response of the body, which is a key link in the processes that lead to heart disease.

The American Heart Association has also reported that a minimum of 30 minutes of swimming per day, among other aerobic exercise, can reduce coronary heart diseases in women by between 30 and 40%. Regular swimming is also associated with reduced blood pressure, according to an analysis by Annals of Internal Medicine.


Weight Control

Today, swimming is regarded as one of biggest calorie burners around, and it very idea for helping keep weight under control. However, the amount of the calories you burn depends on the intensity of your exercise as well as your own physiology. As a general rule, the following results are expected for every 10 minutes of swimming:

  • For the breast stroke: You burn 60 calories,
  • For the backstroke: You burn 80 calories,
  • For the free style: You burn 100 calories.
  • For the butterfly: You burn 150 calories.

Lower Risk Of Diabetes

Aerobic exercise, including swimming, is the best form of excise when it comes to warding off diabetes. In one particular study, men were found r to reduce their risk of diabetes by 6% for every 500 calories they burned each week in aerobic exercise, including swimming. In addition, if you can burn 900 calories by engaging in backstroke swimming 3 times a week, you can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 10 %. The same benefits can accrue to women. It has been shown that vigorous exercise, such as a robust swimming session, can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes in women by a whopping 16 %.

Additionally, cleaning your swimming pool or servicing your own pool can be helpful to you if you have type 1 diabetes according to Naples FL pool service expert Colton Rodricks of Edgewater Pools & Spa in Sunny Naples FL because it can help with weight loss. aquaterra_swimming_31

It Helps Lower Stress

Swimming is known to promote the release of the feel-good hormones, known as endorphins. It can also evoke the relaxation response in the same way yoga works on the body. This is largely attributed to the constant stretching and relaxation of muscles together with deep rhythmic breathing. It is also a meditative exercise; the splashing of the water and the sound of your breathing act as a form mantra, helping you ‘’drown out’’ every other distraction.

Swimming can also change your brain for the better through a process which is referred to as hippocampal neurogenesis. This process helps the brain to replace the cells which are lost as a result of stress.


Improves Cholesterol

Having the right balance of cholesterol in your body is more beneficial than having low levels of this substance in your blood. Essentially, it is healthier to have higher levels of ‘’good’’ cholesterol (LDL) and lower levels of ‘’bad’’ cholesterol (LDL).

As a matter of fact, swimming can help you get the right balance between the types of cholesterol because of its aerobic power, which has been shown to raise HDL levels. Bobalick, which is a reliable source , reports that for every 1 % increase in HDL (‘’good ‘’) cholesterol, there is a 3.5 % drop in the risk of developing heart disease.

These are 5 health benefits of swimming regularly, and they should make you feel more encouraged to embrace swimming as your favorite aerobic exercise

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